Monday, November 10, 2008

looking back

One of my new personal goals is to scan my photographs onto my computer, making them a digital file. I have gobs and gobs of pictures from childhood, elementary.... THOUSANDS from highschool and college. And THEN finally someone got smart and bought me a digital camera. Will I be scanning all 8 trillion of these photos? Of course not, but I'm starting with those most important to me.

The two I started with are my two favorite pictures of all times... me with my granddads.

This is me with my dad's dad at his lake house on Lake Bistineau, Louisiana. We had great memories down there fishing, riding in his boat, and eating lots of great fish! My grandad is now 92 and is an inspiration to me everyday. He reminds me to take one day at a time, to not get in a hurry and to let God take care of life's problems.

This next one is special to me because my Pop, my mom's mom, looks so happy in this picture. I remember him being a delightful man always smiling and always wanting a hug. He passed away fairly young from Parkinsons but I will always remember him being a godly and cheerful man.
(This was obviously taken at Halloween. I wanted to be a nurse until I figured out I had to see blood all the time. I am NOT okay with blood.)

I am truly blessed to have been born into the family that I have. What a legacy I have to live up to. I am looking forward to scanning more pictures and writing about more friends and family members as I come across more pictures. I hope you enjoy!

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