Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My wish list

This may seem selfish but I'm making a wish list of things I really want. I am always seeing things I like and think I need to remember that but then I'll forget...so hence the wish list.

We'll start with something small:

Domino Decorating Book

Next on the list is something I wanted last year but since it's NOT cheap, I didn't really tell anyone I wanted this and I can't bring myself to buy it just yet. But if anyone is feeling the urge to get me something REALLY nice.... here's an idea.

a wide angle lens

Instead of asking for a Canon to go along with my Canon camera, I did some research and found that this Sigma lens will fit my Canon 30D perfectly.

a back up hard drive for all of my pictures (yes, that's right. I don't have one. I'm stupid.)

a new sound system for buie's car since his got stolen. :(

a Kitchen Aid mixer

a food processor

a bread maker, so I can make my very own gluten free bread! Yum.

along with this handy dandy bread SLICER. Last but not least is a pink xbox 360 controller. You see, my husband is OBSESSED with xbox so i thought it would be cute to have a pink one to play games with him. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged by Dr. Lara

First of all, I was tagged by Lara to go to the SIXTH picture folder and the SIXTH picture in that folder and then tell about that picture. This is so weird! I did exactly that...no cheating involved...honest to goodness! And THIS is the picture that was #6 in the sixth folder...it's me with LARA!!! How weird is that??

Anyway, so allow me to tell about this. My very best friend Brook-Lyn got married in Nashville, TN in April of this year. I drove up to see the wedding, of course. (I was the scripture reader in the wedding.) :) Anyway, I met the greatest girls that weekend, including Lara. She is next to me in the black tank. After the reception, we went out dancing in Nashville and had the BEST TIME! We danced for hours and hours! I was literally sore the next day. Anyway, Lara and I instantly bonded and laughed so much that weekend. It was a fun weekend!

I still can't get over the fact that Lara tagged me and THIS is the picture that was #6. Crazy! Anyway, thanks for tagging me!

I tag Hilary next! So, Hilary, go to your picture files, open up the sixth folder, then the sixth picture and tell about it. Have fun!

Thanks for listening and just for fun, here are a few more pictures from the night in Nashville!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Flickr Friday!!!!!

"Bedroom flowers" by decor8

Yes, that's right...it's Flickr Friday. Today has been as absolute mad house at the office but overall a great day. I discovered that I work better under pressure and on a deadline which is weird because I'm such a laid back person. I think the reasoning behind that is: if I don't have someone pressuring me to GET IT DONE then honestly it never will. Hi, my name is Cara Beth and I'm a procrastinator. I am mainly speaking about my home ie, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, on some days this does carry over into my work, although I try super hard to stay focused and stay on task. It's tough for creative souls like me, I think...my mind tends to wander when I'm tired. Earlier this week I made the mistake of taking Nyquil. Oh my gosh... never again. I think it honestly took three days for that stuff to wear off. So while I was recooperating from a Nyquil hangover, I browsed through flickr and this is what I found this week:

This one is called "to myself" by Mary

This one is called "Tea Anyone?" by i.anton

And usually I'm a stickler for waiting until after Thanksgiving until I get Christmas fever...but this year is NOT the case. I am so ready for Christmas and I will be putting up my tree tomorrow!!! My mom is coming in town and bringing my grandmother's old tree with her. Here's a little Christmas inspiration for you from Flickr Land.

Called "The Tree's Up" by yvestown

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cooper turned two

Over the past two years, I have watched little Cooper be adopted into a wonderful home. I was blessed to be a part of his first birthday and now his second. It is such a joy to see how much this little boy has changed the lives of his parents. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from his 2nd birthday party.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Favorite Flickr Foto

I found these on Flickr today and they are so inspiring. This first one makes me just want to go lay down in an open field and just soak in as much nature as I can! Maybe I'll get to do that this weekend. I have an outdoor photoshoot on Sunday and I'm crossing my fingers for beautiful weather!
By *December Sun on Flickr

By *Cinnamon on Flickr

The flower picture is amazing. So calm. Closed off yet so inviting. And the colors are just perfect. I love everything about this photo.
Have you found anything inspiring on Flickr lately?

Monday, November 10, 2008

looking back

One of my new personal goals is to scan my photographs onto my computer, making them a digital file. I have gobs and gobs of pictures from childhood, elementary.... THOUSANDS from highschool and college. And THEN finally someone got smart and bought me a digital camera. Will I be scanning all 8 trillion of these photos? Of course not, but I'm starting with those most important to me.

The two I started with are my two favorite pictures of all times... me with my granddads.

This is me with my dad's dad at his lake house on Lake Bistineau, Louisiana. We had great memories down there fishing, riding in his boat, and eating lots of great fish! My grandad is now 92 and is an inspiration to me everyday. He reminds me to take one day at a time, to not get in a hurry and to let God take care of life's problems.

This next one is special to me because my Pop, my mom's mom, looks so happy in this picture. I remember him being a delightful man always smiling and always wanting a hug. He passed away fairly young from Parkinsons but I will always remember him being a godly and cheerful man.
(This was obviously taken at Halloween. I wanted to be a nurse until I figured out I had to see blood all the time. I am NOT okay with blood.)

I am truly blessed to have been born into the family that I have. What a legacy I have to live up to. I am looking forward to scanning more pictures and writing about more friends and family members as I come across more pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Favorite Flickr Foto!!!

So, welcome to the first Friday Favorite Flickr Foto, a new addition to my blog. I spend a majority of my internet time on Flickr, whether I am uploading new pictures, looking at my contacts' pictures, or finding new Flickr friends. I just LOVE Flickr!!

So here's my Favorite Flickr Foto for this Friday: And yes I am keeping with the theme of now..which is FALL!!! Have I mentioned how much I just love Fall??

So I encourage you to poke around on Flickr. You'll be addicted in no time!