Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I like to pretend I take pictures for Southern Living (the food section, obviously) or some fabulous cooking magazine like Food and Wine. See below:
It's so fun to take pictures of food. Food doesn't wine and complain when they're tired, sick of taking pictures and ready to go home. :)
This was a gluten free meal my aunt prepared for me for one of my showers. So good!

This was my very first gluten free Thanksgiving meal (2007), prepared by my mom.

My sister in law made these amazing chocolate covered peanut butter balls (don't know the name of them) and YES they are gluten free.

I took this picture at a two year old's birthday party. I just like how it turned out with the lit candle.

Grilled salmon prepared by my dear friend Becca's mom and dad in Covington. Great ambiance with the candles.

Gluten free pancakes made from a mix but surprisingly wonderfully tasty!!

We love to grill out!!!

Gluten free fried tilapia made with gluten free bread crumbs...what a wonderful invention~


My bunless gluten free burger in a cozy little restaurant in Eureka Springs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look what I found today!

This is the coolest house ever (well, for cats, of course!) I wish my two cats could even just visit there!

Election Cookies! I love these and I was tempted to order these...before I saw the price. I might try to make some myself but I know they won't look nearly as darling as these.

Hope you enjoyed my finds today. I must save some for another day! I hope you have a simply lovely evening. If the weather is nice this evening you should go for a walk! I plan to with my favorite walking partner...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Today I love....

This poster. Originally commissioned during WWII as assurance from King George VI that all necessary measures were being taken to protect the people. Today it seems just as relevant and reassuring.

I'm thinking about ordering a copy for our office in either this apple green or a fire engine red!

Don't you just love it!!?

This super cute and fun file box for your important addresses and phone numbers you want to keep handy! Found on etsy!

This lovely line of notecards, calendars, invitations, etc. Find this artist at

These super cute food bowls...for dogs and cats. Found here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So many pictures!

Being a photographer (as amateur as I may be) I have a lot of pictures!! With as many hundreds of photos I have taken in the last few years, I have many many favorites that I would love to display.

But I am clueless as to where to start. How do I narrow down my favorites and better yet, how do I display them? I found several creative photo collages that might possibly work in our condo.

Which one is your favorite??

#1. I love the randomness of these unframed prints. While they are in lines, some of horizontal and some are vertical prints. Love it!

#2. The black frames make this display look constant but yet the sizes still vary. I like it but don't think I'll use this in my condo. Perhaps if I had a larger home with a huge wall to fill.

#3. I like the clip frames. They look like one solid mass but yet they are made up of smaller units. Lovely. And you can unclip them and move the pictures around to make a different design.
And I want to steal that green couch!
#4. Love this for larger paintings and prints. I am slowly gathering art the older I get and some I have inherited from grandparents. Maybe one day I can have this stellar college of fine art!

#5. To me, these pictures speak volumes. It's like an undefined bulletin board. Placing pictures directly on the wall gives you the freedom to take down and replace in an instant. I can picture this display in a corner of a home office. (although in this picture it is shown in a bathroom.) I need my own "inspiration wall." And who's to say you can't be inspired while on the 'john'. :)

#6. If I had a stairwell, I would base my design off this one.

#7. I love how uniform this display looks! And you could use color prints or black and white.

#8. I like the usage of black and white which is pleasing to the eye. It looks like the tv is a part of the collage. Unique display. I especially like the dog.

#9. Simple yet unique.

#10. Black and White. I might need more color than this but I like their choice of frames here. Some of similar and some of different.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

time to retreat

I work with an amazing group of women. Even though I am the youngest person among my coworkers, I am grateful for working with such women. They teach me things daily and inspire me to one day be a good mom and grandmother and to be a better person.

This past weekend I helped plan a retreat at Ozark Conference Center for the Support Staff. We had 16 ladies go to this retreat and it was exactly that...a RETREAT. It was a great time to relax, play games, shares stories and ideas and just hang out and get to know each other better. I cherish this time with these ladies every year. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

The sunset was amazing on Friday night!!

Oh, and our theme was a back to school theme. (I was dressed up like a crossing guard in this picture in case you were wondering.)

Most of our group posing when they arrive on Friday afternoon.

We made the front door look like a school house! It turned out so cute!

Share time...

Me in my crossing guard vest (super cool) standing in front of the school house.

acting silly

Our teacher-Ms. Myrtle T. Davis. She was hilarious!!

gorgeous sunset

Sunday, October 05, 2008

corners of our condo

This weekend I literally left our condo maybe once or twice all weekend. It was incredible! I'm such a home body in the fall. My husband was off for two days in a row, which NEVER happens when you work retail. So we enjoyed each other's company. I think I like having him around. He piddled around, we both watched football on Saturday. We ordered in for dinner on Saturday night. We cleaned some, too, going through some of his old boxes that he brought over from the move. Over all, it was a great weekend. I wish every weekend could be like this last one. Unfortunately, most of them are not.

I snapped some pictures around the condo mainly because I was bored or I thought it would make a cool shot.

My "project books." I love to dream!

My husband brought with him a LOT of books!

My favorite place to keep my pens. This green vase belonged to my mom's mom.

Some of my gluten free cookbooks

This crystal belonged to my grandmother.

Some of the dinnerware we received for our wedding.

We love our condo! especially when it's clean! :) I'm counting down the days until the weekend. I LIVE for the weekend! And I'm sad to say that I have not bought pumpkins yet so that is #1 priority for me this weekend! We might even go ahead and carve them too! :) Oh I love this time of year!