Friday, November 21, 2008

Flickr Friday!!!!!

"Bedroom flowers" by decor8

Yes, that's's Flickr Friday. Today has been as absolute mad house at the office but overall a great day. I discovered that I work better under pressure and on a deadline which is weird because I'm such a laid back person. I think the reasoning behind that is: if I don't have someone pressuring me to GET IT DONE then honestly it never will. Hi, my name is Cara Beth and I'm a procrastinator. I am mainly speaking about my home ie, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. However, on some days this does carry over into my work, although I try super hard to stay focused and stay on task. It's tough for creative souls like me, I mind tends to wander when I'm tired. Earlier this week I made the mistake of taking Nyquil. Oh my gosh... never again. I think it honestly took three days for that stuff to wear off. So while I was recooperating from a Nyquil hangover, I browsed through flickr and this is what I found this week:

This one is called "to myself" by Mary

This one is called "Tea Anyone?" by i.anton

And usually I'm a stickler for waiting until after Thanksgiving until I get Christmas fever...but this year is NOT the case. I am so ready for Christmas and I will be putting up my tree tomorrow!!! My mom is coming in town and bringing my grandmother's old tree with her. Here's a little Christmas inspiration for you from Flickr Land.

Called "The Tree's Up" by yvestown

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diane said...

You made me laugh out loud with your confession of being a procrastinator! Have you joined "Procrastinators Anonymous" or haven't gotten around to it yet? LOL.
I LOVE the photo "to myself" - very creative. Thanks for sharing!