Thursday, April 12, 2007

Filled with thoughts of NYC

New York was wonderful. Short but full... very full. Full of tours and trips and eating and WALKING. Full of freezing, shopping, and taking pictures. And at the end of it all, full of sore muscles and tired legs and swollen feet, but hearts and minds full of knowledge and satisfaction in a trip well deserved and well appreciated.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Never assume.

This is for men...all men, everywhere.

Never assume that your girlfriend knows how pretty she looks.

Never assume that you've told her enough times how much you love her.

Never assume that the last time you bought her flowers should make up for THIS time.

Don't ever assume that she is telling the truth when she says, "Nothing is wrong." or "I'm fine."

Never assume that your girlfriend knows how much you want her to come home with you for Easter or to meet your parents for dinner.

Never assume that your girlfriend knows she is invited. ALWAYS and I repeat, ALWAYS give her a special "in person" invitation no matter what event.

Never assume that Valentines Day is only a big deal to every girl in the world EXCEPT your girlfriend. Even if she says, "Let's don't give each other gifts this year, " ALWAYS buy her something...or even better, MAKE her something. Home-made gifts are always better..unless, of course, they are diamonds.

Don't ever assume that she is just gazing out the window at the pretty view. Chances are, if she's not gazing into your eyes, then you need to figure out what you need to apologize for.

Never assume that a blanket apology is good enough for your girl. A specific apology is needed for each crime committed.

Never assume that she has received enough hugs or kisses from you this week.

Always love her more than you did the day before.

Always apologize even if you would swear on your life that she is at fault, not you. It's not worth the fight.

Always get a matter what holiday. And always, write a note in it. Don't just sign your name.

Always mention how much prettier she is than the super model on TV...even if she doesn't ask.

Never hesitate to answer NO, to the question, "Does this make me look fat?" We will ALWAYS ask it, even if we KNOW we look like a cow. We just want to hear the right answer.

Never hesitate to show emotion in front of her. We like a guy who is sensitive.

Never hesitate to turn to HER favorite show. Yours probably wasn't that important anyway.

Never hesitate to compliment as SOON as you see her all dressed up. Don't make it an after thought. Even waiting five minutes means that it wasn't the first thing that popped into your mind when you saw her.

Never hesitate to hold her as long as she wants.

Never hesitate to grab her hand in public.

Never hesitate to place your hand at the small of her back. It makes her feel safe.

Never assume she loves tv wrestling as much as you do.

Never assume she likes listening to loud annoying music. Most girls don't.

Never assume she knows what you are thinking. We can't read minds. (We realize men can't either and if I thought men were smart enough to get all of this on their own, I wouldn't write this.)

Never assume it is okay to insult anyone in her family, even if she does.

Always assume a one karrat is a minimum requirement.

Never hesitate to hang up with your buddy to take your girlfriend's phone call.

Never assume that she knows how important she is to you. Always tell her. Everyday. Twice a day.

These things were just on my mind today. I needed to get them out. Maybe this will help some poor lost boy out there.