Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm lovin' it.

One week down. A whole lifetime to go.

If you are an avid follower of this blog then you know that I can not eat gluten anymore. I must say this: gluten sucks. After having been without it for 7 days now, I can say positively that I am definitely allergic to it. I feel so much better now and it's only been a week. The one time this week I had a migraine is because I ate a piece of chocolate with malt in it which has gluten. Did you know ketschup has gluten, too? Crazy. My favorite thing to eat now is applesause and those gummy fruit snacks. I feel like a kid again.

The Oscars were anti-climatic this year. I even watched "Babel" beforehand (because my boyfriend made me) and it was still disappointing. Although, I'm in love with Jack Black and Will Ferrell and to see the two of them dancing and singing together was all worth it for me.

This weeks goals: Find some gluten free pizza somewhere. I'm craving pizza so bad.

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knightwriter said...

Hi, Thanks for the encouraging comments you left on my blog back in 2004. Yes, I went this long without keeping up my blog, but am at it again and look forward to writing and I also enjoy photography. I think its great that you know what you should avoid eating. I know its hard and takes discipline, but feeling better is so worth it. Good Luck!
my bog is asummerknight.blogspot