Sunday, October 26, 2008


So I like to pretend I take pictures for Southern Living (the food section, obviously) or some fabulous cooking magazine like Food and Wine. See below:
It's so fun to take pictures of food. Food doesn't wine and complain when they're tired, sick of taking pictures and ready to go home. :)
This was a gluten free meal my aunt prepared for me for one of my showers. So good!

This was my very first gluten free Thanksgiving meal (2007), prepared by my mom.

My sister in law made these amazing chocolate covered peanut butter balls (don't know the name of them) and YES they are gluten free.

I took this picture at a two year old's birthday party. I just like how it turned out with the lit candle.

Grilled salmon prepared by my dear friend Becca's mom and dad in Covington. Great ambiance with the candles.

Gluten free pancakes made from a mix but surprisingly wonderfully tasty!!

We love to grill out!!!

Gluten free fried tilapia made with gluten free bread crumbs...what a wonderful invention~


My bunless gluten free burger in a cozy little restaurant in Eureka Springs.

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