Sunday, October 05, 2008

corners of our condo

This weekend I literally left our condo maybe once or twice all weekend. It was incredible! I'm such a home body in the fall. My husband was off for two days in a row, which NEVER happens when you work retail. So we enjoyed each other's company. I think I like having him around. He piddled around, we both watched football on Saturday. We ordered in for dinner on Saturday night. We cleaned some, too, going through some of his old boxes that he brought over from the move. Over all, it was a great weekend. I wish every weekend could be like this last one. Unfortunately, most of them are not.

I snapped some pictures around the condo mainly because I was bored or I thought it would make a cool shot.

My "project books." I love to dream!

My husband brought with him a LOT of books!

My favorite place to keep my pens. This green vase belonged to my mom's mom.

Some of my gluten free cookbooks

This crystal belonged to my grandmother.

Some of the dinnerware we received for our wedding.

We love our condo! especially when it's clean! :) I'm counting down the days until the weekend. I LIVE for the weekend! And I'm sad to say that I have not bought pumpkins yet so that is #1 priority for me this weekend! We might even go ahead and carve them too! :) Oh I love this time of year!

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Blissfully Enamored said...

i need to see more condo pictures!! i will be up there in two weeks... i might have to come by and see it all! i dont know how much time i will have though! i will be at tiger tunes and then opitz's bachelorette party! and i am with you...i ADORE fall! i tried to wear a scarf this morning...but before i got to work..i decided i probably looked like an idiot and took it off..b/c it really wasnt THAT cold!!