Monday, August 04, 2008

cb photography

So... I'm kind of a wishy washy person, if you don't know me. I can never make up my mind about ANYTHING. I think I like something but then two seconds later I'll change my mind.

For a while now, I have been calling my little photography business "Blue Hammock Photography." I had a logo designed by a friend for "the blue hammock collections." It is a great logo, I must say. But it just doesn't work for my photography needs. When people see Blue Hammock, my name is not associated with for your photography needs, I will be known as something very original, CB photography. Yes, yes, I know. This is what I started out calling myself and yes, this is what I am going back to. Don't worry though I will still keep the blue hammock collections for my stationery line, landscape and still life prints. Maybe one day I'll have a cool website up.

But until then you can keep up with me on this blog...and yes, I am back taking pictures from my wedding break! If you need family portraits this fall for your holiday cards, just let me know!

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