Wednesday, February 20, 2008

non conformist

I went shopping with my mother this weekend for all the things I didn't think I needed yet somehow came home with. She's good at thinking of all the things I forget...which is everything and quite often. We went to store after store searching for the perfect outfits to this and to that. Banana Republic, Ann Taylor (two of my favs), then to Chico's and Talbot's (two of HER favorites). After saying many, "No's" and several what seemed like THOUSANDS of "I just don't like it, mom! It's not my style", we finally went to anthropologie. It was like walking into heaven. or so it seemed. There was soft lighting and green plants and candles burning that reminded me of my grandmothers house. As a flitted (is that a word?) from rack to rack touching every single dress and blouse, I repeated over and over, "What about this one, mom?" or "Oh, I LOVE this!" At first mom was NOT happy about my choices. Her style is definitely more tailored, more classic, and less "hippie" so I've been told. But as I put my foot down there in Anthropologie, I told her I did not want to be restricted with button down shirts and jackets and pants that come clean up to my eyeballs! This was my wedding, therefore the showers I was attending were my showers and I would wear "wrinklie" dresses, as she calls them, and I would wear them proudly.

I think that was my first bridzila act. I promise it won't happen again.

On the good side though, mom and I both agreed on SEVERAL outfits. I mean, if you HAVE to attend showers, brunches, teas, and things of this nature, you might as well look cute.
I DID end up with a jacket but how could I resist?

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