Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Family Pics

Well, it's that time of year. Spring is here and families want their pictures taken. Each year, I get a little more and more experience behind the camera and I love every minute of it. I still might take a few photography classes because I am not where I want to be skill-wise. I believe a good student is always willing to learn more. I have room to learn a LOT more, but to me, photography is a work in progress. Thank you to the families who allow me to "practice" on them.

Here are a few pictures from my latest family shoot. Meet the Talley Family. The mom died about three years ago and these are the first (somewhat) professional pictures they've had taken since her untimely death. I was honored to be apart of this moment.


Whitney said...

Your pictures look GREAT...and if you need some practice (which I dont think you do)...you know I am always up for a photo shoot!!!

diane said...

These are wonderful!