Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fitness is FUN!

Lately I have been running... a lot. I started on this program called Women Can Run at Arkansas Runner. It's been a great experience these last two weeks and I have met some fabulous women in doing this program. There are women of all shapes and sizes who meet at JA Fair High School twice a week to run or walk. Most of us are training for some sort of marathon, whether it is the Full Marathon of March 15th or the Women Can Run Marathon on May 9th. Since this will be my first Marathon event, I will be doing the Women Can Run 5K in Conway on May 9th. I am really excited about this opportunity to get in shape and to feel great about exercising!

Click here for a list of marathons in the Arkansas.

I found this vintage poster online and it made me smile! I hope it motivates you to get outside and do something physical today and this weekend. I know Little Rock is expecting some warmer weather, so I plan to take advantage of it this weekend! :)

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