Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list... you know, the things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." It seems that things on my bucket list are actually becoming a reality here lately. I've always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland, own a house with my husband and start a family there, go on a photography tour, see Dave Matthews Band live in concert, do something crazy at least once in my life- like sky diving or fly a helicopter. I always hoped to run a marathon, go on an vacation (as adults) with my best friend and first cousin, Lauren, adopt a child, ride the little trolleys in San Fransisco, and visit New England in the fall when the leaves are just gorgeous! These are only a FEW things on my list of things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. This year, it seems I am crossing a few things off my list.

1. Owning a house with my husband... Read more about our house buying process on our blog:

2. I am training for a marathon one day. I have begun the running process and I am running a 5K in May. Next year I hope to run the Half Marathon (13 miles). My overall goal is still to run a FULL Marathon (26 miles).
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This September I will be crossing two off my list:

3. Go on a vacation with my best friend Lauren. Growing up, Lauren and I went on family vacations with her family and mine. (her dad and my mom are siblings) We always dreamed of getting married and one day taking vacations with our husbands. This September we have booked a place near Seaside (where Lauren and Wayne were married) to spend a week with friends. We are counting down the days! 177 days until we take our vacation together as a married couples. I can't believe we are old enough to go on vacation with boys and no chaperons! ha.
4. Dave Matthews Band (DMB) is coming to North Little Rock at Dickey Stephen's Park this September. Ever since I first heard his music, I fell in love with his style. I've always wanted to see him live. Can't wait!
I'm excited about what 2009 has in store! What's on your bucket list??

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