Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recycle Those Phones!

I recently had an interesting conversation with a guy who refuses to recycle anything and therefore, since he is in a position of authority at his workplace, refuses to make their building a "green" office. This conversation arose when I simply asked where, how, and IF he recycled old cell phones. His response was that he used to, but now he simply throws them away. I literally felt my stomach cringe. I can just see all the billions of cell phones in land fills all over the earth because it is easily to throw them away rather than take the five minutes to recycle them. It angers me! And cell phones is only the beginning.

If you have an old cell phone laying around the house, please do NOT throw it away. There are many places and people that would LOVE to have an old cell phone- battered women shelters is a great example. Many of their phones were taken by their abusive spouse, if they even had one at all.

I found Qwest through The Daily Green website. Go Green for Schools is a new and innovative cell phone recycling initiative brought to you by Qwest. By recycling your cell phone with Qwest, you keep unused cell phones out of landfills and reduce green house gas emissions. This recycling program also helps raise money for public school districts and preK-12 educational initiatives.
This website makes it so simple to mail in your cell phones. It gives you step by step instructions and even gives you a PREPAID mailing label for your box or mailing envelope. How much easier could it get?! So before you chunk your old cellies in the garbage, give education a second thought. Help out our schools and RECYCLE THOSE PHONES!!!

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