Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys!

This past weekend I drove down to Shreveport to spend the weekend with my cousin Lauren, her husband, and her little boy, Trey. We had the best time! It was so relaxing and Lauren is a great cook. It was just the mini-vacation that I needed. Friday night we just caught up and chatted before falling asleep at 11:30pm and realizing that I am now officially old.

Saturday morning I woke up to a fresh bowl of fruit all chopped and ready to go! Trey and I enjoyed our fruit together before talking a walk to the near by park. We played in this huge field of clover and just had the best time watching Trey be silly. When we were leaving the park we found tons of lady bugs...that was really neat for Trey to see.

Since Shreveport has the famous Humphrey's Yougart I swung by to get Lauren and I a cup at Counter Culture! Man, I wish we had one of those in Little Rock. I would literally each one everyday! I could have left happy at this point, but Lauren surprised me with gluten free pasta for lunch and STEAK for dinner! We settled in Saturday night and watched a great movie on TV.

Sunday morning we loaded up and went to another park down by the Red River. It was fun to watch Trey be a typical boy picking up sticks and rocks and wishing he could go play in the river.

I had the best time! Next time I decided that my babys will come with me: Buie and Conner. I know they would enjoy Shreveport with the Wests as much as I did.

I think my favorite part of the weekend was when Trey got into my makeup. He had it all of his face! hehe.

me and my cousin, Lauren

my favorite picture of Trey from the weekend


"Here, smell this!"

Trey, playing in a field of clover!

Trey found my makeup!

I think he got hot so he was taking off his jammies...


Whitney said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!!

Trey really is a cutie and it looks like he kept you two laughing!

Thank you for posting these pictures!

Wayne's Mom said...

WoooooEEEE! Life doesn't get any better than THAT! And you are a great photographer. Thanks for sharing. I'll be going down tomorrow to get my own "Trey fix."