Monday, March 24, 2008

Something New

I haven't always enjoyed trying new things. In fact, my older cousin and two brothers nicknamed me "Beef" because our family used to go to this Bar-B-Q restaurant and without a doubt I would always order a child's plate of beef and nothing else. (Also, it didn't help the fact that I was a little chunky in my younger years.) At fast food restaurants, it was the same thing: a small hamburger with only ketchup...every single time. Believe it or not, I actually distinctly remember ordering my first sandwhich with lettuce on it. It was at Burger King. I ordered the chicken sandwhich. Then, of course, THAT became the only thing I ordered.

It doesn't always just deal with food either. I used to be scared to try ANYTHING new. I hate rollercoaster rides. I despise bungi jumping. I wouldn't even ride in an elevator by myself when I was younger for fear of being trapped in it alone. If I was trapped with someone else, at least, THEY might know what to do in order to save us. That was my logical 3rd grade reasoning, anyway.

I remember being scared to get on a jet ski when my family purchased two of them. I was very young and remember watching everyone have fun on them for HOURS before someone finally talked me into getting on one. When I did, they couldn't pull me off. One time I literally stayed on a jet ski for eight hours.

Well, the point of all of this is, TRY NEW THINGS! In part of highschool and all through college, I made it a point to go and DO new things. I tried my hand at water skiing, snow skiing, tubing, riding fourwheelers, and yes, I even got on a roller coaster! These things are all fairly normal things and most kids have tried at least some of them, but they were all things that I was at one point hesitant to try. But like the chicken sandwhich at Burger King, once I tried it, I loved it.

New things I have tried recently:
New Food:
Alaskan King Crab

New Artist:

Leona Lewis

New Drink:

Planet Smoothie- Equal Parts Rasberry and Strawberry with yogart, sweetener and a touch of protein added to it! I tried it last week and I'm addicted!

Try something new. ANYTHING!


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I remember a name like..."hot dog!" I don't remember why we called each other that