Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lessons Learned This Weekend.

1. Always pack for an over night stay in your carry on.
2. Always check the dates BEFORE purchasing your airline ticket online.
3. Meeting new people on your flight pays off in the end.
4. When stranded, pray for free Wi-Fi.
5. Check your bag for liquids BEFORE going through security. (note: Energy drinks DO count as liquid in case you were wondering.)
6. Take advantage of every opportunity! Make the most of the time you have with friends and family!


Nicole said...

Hey...I have a lesson you should add...make sure your phone is completely charged before you leave AND pack your charger IN YOUR CARRYON! :) Love you! - Nicole

Angie said...

Sounds like good advice. I learned about packing extra clothes in my carry-on the hard way too! Not fun. Glad you had fun. Loved the pictures on Facebook.
love you,