Thursday, September 20, 2007

I recently purchased a Canon EOS 30D. I'm pretty excited about it. You know how when you purchase a boat or a car and you take it out on its first stroll? Well, this is that weekend. Buie and I are going to Eureka Springs and the 30D is going with me (I really need to name it-any suggestions?) So I'm pretty pumped about trying out the new bells and whistles because it has plenty!

I'm also pretty pumped about Buie and I going somewhere together. Until last weekend, we hadn't really ever taken a road trip besides just to Minden (my hometown) or Rison (his hometown). Well, I guess one time we did drive home together from a wedding in Seaside. Anyway, I'm still excited! It should be fun. It was originally supposed to be a surprise but Buie let it slip where we were going. ha. He was so mad at himself. He won't tell me anything that we are doing on Saturday which presents a problem which trying to decide what to wear. (Girls, understand me).

Well, me, Buie and the Canon (needs a nickname) are going to Eureka Springs. Can't wait!

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