Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I'm home in Minden for a few days. This will always be my home, but how, I'm not quite sure. I also call 1601 N Bryant Street my home in LR. I'm not sure why. All my "stuff" is there. My family is here in Minden. My past is here. My future could be either place. Everytime I come home (Minden home) people ask me when I'm moving back home. But when I go back to Little Rock, I think I am home. I love Little Rock. But Minden has its own essence of familiarity and friendliness. I don't have to explain myself in Minden. They already know. They just know me. And that is comforting. In Minden I am tied to my family which in Minden, is huge. Family is everything in a small town. If you don't have family, you don't have anyone. I am blessed to be associated with the best family in Minden. Seriously. If you don't know us, you should. We're pretty cool. :)

I guess, basically, I'm saying that it's nice to be home. Wherever home happens to be at the time.

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Paul Burns said...

I feel like that about Ruston for me, Memphis is carving a place in my heart min by min