Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picture this

So if you know me, you know that I love to take pictures. I think ever since I can remember I've been buying those disposable cameras at Walmart and developing them in the one hour photo place. In highschool I made friends with the guy who worked there. He started giving me a discount because I was a "loyal customer."

In college, an old boyfriend bought me my first digital camera. It wasn't great compared to all the cameras now but it was great then. I used it until I could shoot with it no longer. The lens was scratched, the buttons were broken. So it was time to save.

Being poor in college, it took me about a year to save for the camera I have now. But I finally bought it. My dream camera...well, not exactly but it is a beauty. I've had it for two years almost and I'm about to wear this one out, as well.

So, I did my first "official" photoshoot with actual PEOPLE. lol not animals, not flowers, not buildings but people. I don't know why but people scare me. I'd much rather taken still life pics. But flowers and buildings don't pay money. I hate to admit this, but the world does revolve around money.

My dream is to one day have my own business on the side of a family, a husband, and a career as a mom. I would love to be able to make beautiful portraits and capture awesome expressions and intimate moments on film...well, digitally. Anyway, if you need your picture taken...just hollar. I'm looking for takers.

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Pray for Mozambique said...

Will you come to Mozambique and take pictures of my kids? Ok, thanks. :) Your pictures are beautiful. You have quite an eye. Have you ever seen this blog called Pioneer Woman.....just google that and find her. She takes awesome pictures on her cattle ranch. It's fun....check it out. I love you and miss you.